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Hollyland LARK MAX Duo Wireless Mic System with MaxTimbre Mic Technology and Advanced ENC (Black)

Hollyland LARK MAX Duo Wireless Mic System with MaxTimbre Mic Technology and Advanced ENC (Black)
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Product highlights

  • 2-person wireless microphone system in black finish
  • Industry-first MaxTimbre Mic technology
  • Advanced DSP technology
  • Professional-level wireless audio specifications
  • 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission
  • Adaptive frequency hopping technology
  • Automatic switch to the external microphone
  • Extremely compact, portable design
  • Charging case for storage and charging
  • AMOLED touchscreen on the receiver

In the box

  • Hollyland LARK MAX Duo Wireless Mic System with MaxTimbre Mic Technology and Advanced ENC (Black)
  • 2 x Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable
  • 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRS Cable
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • USB-C to Lightning Cable
  • Clip Magnet
  • Furry Windshield
  • Storage Bag
  • Quick Guide
  • Packing List Card 
  • User Manual
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

An all-in-one wireless lavalier microphone system, the Hollyland LARK MAX Duo Wireless System features MaxTimbre Mic technology, a first-of-its-kind in the industry. It has advanced ENC technology that can produce top-notch audio quality up to a distance of 820 feet. Enjoy 8GB built-in storage in the transmitter that can record for up to 14 hours. The ideal mic system for interviewing, vlogging, and podcasting, the LARK MAX offers excellent audio and the backup solution needed for EPF and online teaching as well. It is available in a black finish.

Enhanced Audio Clarity with MaxTimbre Mic Technology

The LARK MAX captures intricate details with enhanced clarity, thanks to MaxTimbre Mic Technology. It features a 48 kHz sampling rate, 24-bit bit depth, 70 dB SNR, and 128 dB max SPL.

Crisp and Clear Voice Recording

The first-of-its-kind, MaxTimbre Mic Technology is a multi-layer membrane mic design. It can brilliantly eliminate noise to deliver crisp and clear voice recordings. The high-quality mesh offers windproofing and vibration isolation for enhanced recording results.

Precise Sounds with Omnidirectional Microphone

The LARK MAX features a high-sensitivity 48 kHz/24-bit microphone that can record a wide range of audio with supreme clarity and enhanced details.

70 Decibel SNR

Record in quiet environments with a high signal-to-noise ratio of 70 decibels.

Reduced Audio Distortion

The 98–106 dB dynamic range of the LARK MAX enables it to reduce audio distortion to a great extent. So, even if you are recording in a complex environment with multiple noise factors, it will reduce the distortion of recorded audio immensely. It has a maximum sound pressure level of 128 dB. However, to gain maximum benefit, it is advisable to place the transmitter at a good distance from the source of the audio.

Digital Signal Processing Technology

The LARK MAX enhances your signal quality and reduces unwanted noise and interference using advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.

Environmental Noise Cancelation Technology

The LARK MAX uses advanced Environmental Noise Cancelation (ENC) technology that detects and minimizes noise to ensure crystal-clear audio quality that is free of distortion. The user-friendly ENC technology mode can be easily turned in and off from the transmitter, as well as the receiver.

Ample Storage for Your Recordings

The transmitter of the LARK MAX acts as a standalone recorder, boasting a built-in storage of 8GB. You can record up to 14 hours of uncompressed and lossless WAV files. The transmitter also stores the internal recording files. You can choose to turn on or off the auto-record mode. However, it is recommended to turn on the auto-record mode to allow the transmitter to record the audio for enhanced safety, so you don’t miss any information.

Battery Performance

LARK MAX comes with a compact charging case that lets you go worry-free with its long battery backup. The transmitter has a backup of approximately 7.5 hours and can extend up to 22 hours when accompanied by a fully charged charging case. The receiver can be used for up to 9 hours and can be charged simultaneously.


The LARK MAX can be easily teamed up with mobile devices, cameras, or computers.

Camera Connectivity

LARK MAX has a 3.5mm output interface that is compatible with many cameras, like DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, action cameras, and camcorders.

Mobile Connectivity

The LARK MAX comes with MFi-certified USB-C to Lightning cable, USB-C to USB-C cable, or the optional 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRRS cable. You can simply connect the receiver to a mobile phone using any of these. You can enjoy real-time playback of audio on your phone speaker without unplugging the receiver from your device to do a quick audio quality check.

Connect to Your Computer

LARK MAX supports USB Audio Class (UAC) standards, and it can send audio sourced to your computer using just a USB cable.

Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology

With an ultra-long wireless line-of-sight (LOS) range of up to 820 feet using dual high-gain antennas, the LARK MAX adopts advanced adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) technology to avoid a drop in signals, ensuring seamless audio recording.

Back Clip and Magnet Clip

The convenient magnetic design of the transmitter includes a back clip and a magnet clip allowing it to attach to any garment or any object. It is lightweight at just 33 grams.

Ready For Use

The LARK MAX is ready to use out of its charging case. It works perfectly with a number of recording devices and offers audio recording preferences with its flexible gain control. Tailor the audio volume as per your requirements for an unmatched recording experience.

AMOLED Display

The LARK MAX has a 1.1-inch color AMOLED touchscreen display that lets you adjust transmitter settings and get a quick visual check.


The mic system features a quick control knob that lets you customize various settings. The on-screen home button offers one-tap easy access to quick settings interface or helps you return to the previous one. The sleek LARK MAX has a skin-like, comfortable touch that exudes a warm and natural feeling.

Select Your Ideal Recording Mode

Select from a range of audio recording modes, namely mono, stereo, or safety track, to ensure the safety of your recording and to allow flexible post-production.

Equalizer Settings

The Hi-Fi function delivers accurate and precise audio recording, while the Low Cut function eliminates low frequencies of the audio signal to remove rumbles. The Vocal Boost function reduces noise from the recording environment to improve voice intelligibility.

Color Black
Weight TR: 1.16oz, RX: 2.1oz, Charging Case: 6.8oz
Included Case Soft Case